Chrome extension can eliminate Donald Trump from your internet
There is now a Trump filter for your internet Getty Images

There is now a "Trump be gone" extension on the Chrome browser for those who don't want the controversial US presidential candidate in their universe. The add-on feature in the Google-owned browser comes with three settings – mild, aggressive and vindictive – to choose, based perhaps on how little you want to see of the Republican.

The "mild" level removes all headlines on Trump and makes his Twitter feed disappear. The "aggressive" and "vindictive" settings go further, eliminating even references to the real estate mogul.

The app was launched on 24 December 2015 by self-proclaimed "Internet Mathemagician" Rob Spectre and is available on the Google Chrome Web Store.

The Trump filter works by searching the internet for content related to Trump and then delivering suitable links, based on a user's settings. Chrome claims it does not track user data to deliver the appropriate results, though it terms as "spooky" the technology and permission settings that make the feature work.

Commenting on his creation, Spectre said: "I am doing this out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty". The New York-based man who also calls himself a "punk rock technologist" said he created the app in order to take the focus away from Trump and his campaign strategies, and allow the public to take notice of other presidential candidates.

The launch of the feature followed Trump's plan to shut down the internet, or at least some parts of it, if elected. Trump plans the move in the belief that terror groups use the internet to propagate their beliefs and to recruit volunteers.