Claudia Jordan's ugly feet triggers Twitter fury: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leak makes fun of her
Real Housewives of Atlanta/Facebook

Claudia Jordan, the latest entry to the popular show Real Housewives of Atlanta, has attracted fans' attention, not for her gorgeous looks but for her feet which social media has tagged as 'ugly'.

The 41-year-old received numerous tweets from fans after they got a sneak peek of her hammertoes covered in corns.

The radio personality and the latest RHOA star however, has never made attempts to hide any facts about her toes and had earlier written on her blog:

"I have a good shaped foot and my toes are all the proper length, but it's just these toes... I got corns y'all! It started when I ran track and would wear a really tight track spike when I would race (basically cramming my feet in a shoe a size smaller), then when I got into modelling and wearing heels all the time, that wreaked havoc on my poor toes," via Enstraz.

Meanwhile Nene Leaks, the controversial star of RHOA, made fun of Jordan's toes and wrote in her blog, "There are a lot of things I don't have, but the two things I do have is good skin and pretty feet! #girlbye #genetics #wearenotfriendsEVER".

Here are some Twitter reactions from fans after seeing Claudia's feet on the episode that aired on 4 January.

Below are some more tweets in support of the reality star.