Code Black
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Watch out Grey's Anatomy, there is a new medical drama on air. It is "real, gritty and relentlessly human", according to its executive producer Michael Seitzman. The show, premiering this Wednesday 30 September, takes place in an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in Los Angeles.

The official description of season one reads:

Expect the pilot episode to introduce all the key characters and establish the setting for what promises to be a pretty intense take on medical dramas. "Doctors and nurses fight to save lives in the country's busiest ER. In the opener, four new first-year residents are immediately put to work by the ER's tough-minded residency director Dr Leanne Rorish," reads the episode 1 synopsis.

Talking about the approach and overall treatment to the new series, Seitzman claimed that despite the chaos and multiple storylines, the audience will not lose track or get confused. "You get a sense of what viewers can tolerate. They seem to be very adept and acrobatic in the way that they experience storytelling," the executive producer told Observer.

"We have anywhere from five to eight different patient storylines in our episodes and no one seems to lose track or get confused. In a way, I think audiences have become sort of almost insatiable in their thirst for more; more action, more storytelling, just more overall."

Where to watch live online

Code Black season 1 premiere episode airs this Wednesday at 10pm ET/9pm CT on CBS. Click here to watch it via live stream online. Below is the official synopsis of episode 2: