Suits creator talks about upcoming episodes USA Network

The synopsis of Suits season 5 episode 10 had promised that Mike and Harvey would take life-altering decisions. And the summer finale did not disappoint. The first half of Suits season 5 ended on a pretty major cliffhanger, leaving a big question mark on Mike and Harvey's future.

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead

Mike got arrested for "conspiracy to commit fraud" and Harvey resigned from his job to save Pearson Specter Litt. Suits creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh spoke to Yahoo TV and teased a "course-change" for the show. He also said that the focus will remain on Mike when Suits season 5 returns post its mid-season break.

"We went around and around with that," Korsh said when asked what fans can expect from the last six episodes of this season. "...We really thought about a time jump, but we ended up landing on our standard practice of moments later. Mike is on the hot seat, so is everybody else in the back six. Episode 511 is called 'Blowback' — that would be a good thematic title for the last six. I feel like this is a course-change for Suits. We'd been dancing around this thing forever."

When asked Korsh whether Mike and Rachel's wedding would be postponed, he replied: "They're certainly not gonna have it in the same form. We are working on that. I can't spoil it..."

Meanwhile, regarding the Suits season 5 mid-season premiere date, Carter Matt speculates that "Season 5B will go on air next year. The show is expected to resume its run in late January of 2016 for its remaining six episodes." It should be noted that the official airdate is yet to be announced.

Check out the promo for Suits season 5 episode 11 below: