It is unclear what will happen to Prince Andrew after Queen Elizabeth II stripped him of his royal patronages and military titles. He may have settled a sexual abuse lawsuit from Virginia Roberts Giuffre out of court, but his reputation is still in tatters.

A source claimed that the Duke of York made bad choices in the past that affected his current predisposition. This includes his friendship with the convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly introduced him to Giuffre.

On Feb. 15, he settled a "rape in the first degree" suit she filed in a New York court. He wrote in his settlement that he "regrets his association with Epstein." But despite the settlement, there is said to be no way back to public life for him after the humiliation he caused the British monarchy.

He reportedly never found his footing after his naval career ended. It was also this said career that turned him into an arrogant person. A source told People that his "success as a naval officer reinforced his natural belief in himself and his judgment lapses at times." The insider claimed that the 62-year old "has an arrogance that hasn't served him well."

He may be Queen Elizabeth II's favourite child, but they could not be more different in their personalities. The Duke of York eventually worked as an ambassador for British trade but he was not loved by his colleagues, who "decried him as overbearing and bossy."

The insider added, "One of the Queen's great qualities is she never gets carried away with the fact that she's one of the best-known people in the world." The royal insider further said about the British monarch, "She has this natural modesty and no great wish to be a public figure; she is more interested in doing the job."

Prince Andrew does not have a pleasant reputation as shared by former palace aides. An ex-security officer at Buckingham Palace called him a "f***ing a**hole and a bully." The officer called Queen Elizabeth II "a lovely lady" but her son "had this nasty side to him" and "treated staff terribly." A former palace gardener also called him a "horrible, nasty man" and a massage therapist said he was a "sex pest."

Prince Andrew
Despite publicly offering his assistance, Britain's Prince Andrew (pictured January 2020) has repeatedly failed to cooperate with the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, a New York prosecutor said Photo: AFP / Lindsey Parnaby