men in Cologne wanted
These man are wanted in connection with attacks in Cologne Cologne Police

Police have released images of five men wanted in connection with a string of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

The men are thought to have surrounded women before attempting to harass them and steal from them, Cologne police said. "Despite the alarming situation, we managed to find more witnesses and victims with photos of the suspects," the police statement said.

Anyone who recognises the men has been urged to contact police with details of their whereabouts.
Around 1,100 alleged offences were recorded as happening outside the main train station in Cologne on December 31, with around 40% of the offences of a sexual nature.

There are currently believed to be 13 men in custody in relation with crimes that took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve, with a total of 108 people being investigation following the incidents.

However, just weeks ago the city's police chief Juergen Mathies told the BBC the perpetrators of the sex attacks may never face trial, as the CCTV footage taken on the night was not good enough to identify the perpetrators. But images taken on the phones of people at the scene were released on 9 March in a bid to find five men police believe may have been involved in the attacks.

There was also an increase in anti-migrant sentiment following the attacks, as many of the perpetrators were reported to be of North African origin, with right-wing group Pegida pouncing on the opportunity to hold a rally after the incidents.