Colton Underwood talked about his fear of death while battling COVID-19 and opened up about his struggle with his sexual identity in an interview with Dr. Travis Stork.

The "Bachelor" alum admitted that he legitimately 100 percent thought that he would die while battling COVID-19. He said he never had any respiratory illness before and does not have asthma, so he contracted the disease while he was perfectly healthy. At first, he thought he only had the flu and he never believed he would get it.

"I was like, 'statistically speaking, there's no way I have this thing.' I think there was 40 cases in California at the time and I was like, 'I'm good, I'm good.' And then all of a sudden, it took a turn," Underwood told Stork on Wednesday's episode of "The Doctors," adding that his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, helped him out and he got tested for COVID-19 in Orange County after calling three different doctors about a test.

The 28-year-old former pro football player said he was lucky to get the test and even more so that he had symptoms that were manageable at home.

"I even go as far as I'm saying I'm blessed and fortunate...but the fact that I couldn't walk 15 feet to a toilet without having to sit down and catch my breath I think is still eye-opening for a lot of people" Colton continued, adding that to have battled COVID-19 where he felt like he could not access his lungs was "one of the scariest moments."

In another candid interview with "The Travis Stork Show" podcast, the reality TV star admitted that he struggled with his sexual identity while growing up. He said he learned to keep his emotions to himself after he endured bullying while growing up in a Catholic environment. He learned to "internalise" all his struggles and all his thoughts and one of those struggles included his sexual identity.

"What do I believe in? Who am I? Who do I like? and I didn't have experience. I mean, obviously, I had a girlfriend here and there, but I never wanted to take it further just because of faith and my background of wanting to save that for marriage and being told that's what you do as a Christian," he shared.

Underwood admitted that football helped him divert his attention from relationships because he did not have time for it as he was still confused about his sexuality. He shared that his dad even caught him Googling if he was gay or not.

Colton Underwood
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