London commenters have described their horror after witnessing a women get dragged underneath a train at a busy underground station.

Emergency services were called just after 4pm on 31 January after the woman's coat and bag got stuck in the tube carriage door at Notting Hill Gate station.

The woman was then pulled under the train, with people reportedly "in tears" after fearing the worse.

Witness Shabana Khan tweeted the incident, adding how she could hear the woman "yelling for help".

She said: "Horrified right now woman has fallen under our train carriage.

"Heard the thud as the train moved we're all in tears thinking she's died under our feet but she's alive and stuck under the train yelling help. We've been evacuated out of the train.

"They got her bag and coat out from under the door of our carriage, which had got stuck. Everyone tried to stay calm not have panic attacks but all of us in tears."

Khan added: "God I'm still in shock & shaken up by this. First that thud under our carriage and all of us feeling sick that something terrible has happened.

"Then the guys in our carriage shouting are you OK?? And hearing her screaming help me! Just want her to be ok."

The woman, who has not been identified, was later taken to hospital. Her condition is unknown.

The central line was suspended between Marble Arch and White City during rush hour as a result of the accident, causing severe delays on the rest of the line.

A British Transport Police spokesperson: "We were called at 4.05pm to someone struck by a train at Notting Hill station.

"Officers are currently there with the London Ambulance Service. We are investigating what happened."

A Transport for London spokesperson added: "We are aware of a serious incident involving one of our customers at Notting Hill Gate.

"Safety is our top priority and an urgent investigation is underway into the circumstances."