Sex scandals, resignations, cabinet in-fighting and tortuous Brexit negotiations - Theresa May has had a torrid month and now speculation is mounting that it 'could all be over by Christmas' and the prime minster is stuffed.

In the past week, two members of the cabinet have been forced to resign in the wake of different scandals.

Sir Michael Fallon resigned on the 1 November after saying that his conduct had "fallen short" of the required standards after allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

And on Wednesday evening, (8 November), the International Development secretary Priti Patel was forced to fall on her sword after it emerged that she had held secret meetings with Israeli officials.

Indeed, the bookies are now looking at the possibility of the entire government collapsing in the coming weeks.

Max Liu at Betfair said: "May might now be one more scandal from having to resign. If that, happens a general election will surely follow."

They are offering 11/4 odds on an early general election in 2018.

Should there be another general election next year, the bookmaker's believe that Labour would become the largest party - with left-winger Corbyn 10/11 favourites to lead the party to power.

Many MPs will be watching closely for the next few weeks as Brexit negotiations enter the next crucial stage.

If this goes well, then May might have been given a temporary reprieve, if not, then there could well be a new tenant at 10 Downing Street sooner than you think.