A convicted terrorist who planned a shoe bomb attack on a passenger aircraft is due to be released from prison just hours before the Olympic Games begin.

Saajid Badat is due for release on July 27 after serving two thirds of his prison sentence.

The 32-year-old Islamic scholar and teacher was jailed in 2003 for 13 years but will be released after serving just eight years and eight months.

A security source told the Mirror: "People are furious this guy is being released on that day but it's just a quirk of fate.

"You can be sure people will be watching him very carefully and taking note of who he associated with in prison."

Badat, from Gloucester, was reportedly trained by al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan and given a security-proof bomb that would fit in his shoe.

He admitted conspiring to blow up flights to the US in 2001 alongside British citizen Richard Reid and Belgian terrorist Nizar Trabelsi. They were linked through international phone cards.

Reid is serving a life sentence in the US after overpowering passengers on a flight and attempting to set off a shoe bomb.

Nizar Trabelsi is serving time in Belgium for terrorism claims.

The games are regarded as a high-profile target and security forces will be on high alert throughout.