Steve Coogan and Paul Gascoigne have each received thousands in damages after their phones were hacked Reuters

Former footballer Paul Gascoigne and comedian Steve Coogan have won five-figure payouts in damages from News Group Newspapers over phone hacking.

In settlements heard at the high court, Gascoigne received £68,000 and Coogan £40,000 from Rupert Murdoch's News Group Newspapers, publishers of News of the World.

"This was never about the money," Coogan, one of the most vociferous critics of press ethics, said outside the court. "Like other people who sued, I was determined to do my part to show the depths to which the press can sink in pursuit of private information.

"The police and the Leveson Inquiry [into press ethics] will be investigating these matters but at the time, when these civil cases began, News International seemed likely to succeed in covering up the hacking scandal completely.

"Neither the police nor the government were willing to hold those responsible accountable for unlawful acts."

Former Labour spin-doctor Alastair Campbell also settled with the company for "a substantial amount". He said he would donate the money to organisations including the charity Mind.

He said he wanted to see "some small good for the causes I believe in come out of the criminality and cultural depravity of others".

Sally King, a friend of former home secretary David Blunkett, settled for £60,000, while her husband Andrew recieved £50,000. Her father and brother were also awarded damages.

Football agent Sky Andrew will be paid £75,000 while former MP George Galloway walked away with £25,000 plus costs.

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes received £45,000 plus costs and former agent of foootballer George Best, Phil Hughes was given a substantial payout.

Gascoigne's friend, James Gardner, otherwise known as Jimmy Five Bellies, also received a significant payout.

The latest settlements were announced during a number of pre-trial reviews in London, where it was revealed that singer Charlotte Church and her family had not reached a settlement.

News International has paid out millions in damages to 52 phone hacking victims, with several cases still to be heard.

Actor Jude Law was awarded £130,000 in January, while his former flame Sienna Miller settled for £100,000.

The largest settlement was made with the parents of murdered teenager Milly Dowler, who received around £2m.

Cases still to be heard include footballer Ryan Giggs, former royal butler Paul Burrell, and police officer Jacqui Hames and her husband David Cook.