crooked cops
From L-R Wahid Husman and Tahsib Majid planned to rob a drug courier in Birmingham. West Midlands Police

Two corrupt police officers have been found guilty of plotting to use a marked police car to intercept a drug courier, steal his stash and sell the drugs for profit.

Constables Wahid Husman, 48, and award-winning Tahsib Majid, 36, planned to steal thousands of pounds worth of illegal substances and sell them to an organised crime network.

The men, who were based at Perry Barr police station, planned to rob the courier and steal quantities of Class A and B drugs as he made his way to Birmingham then split the drugs between them and a criminal gang to be sold.

Both men were convicted at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday (22 August) of conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply, misconduct in public office and conspiracy to steal.

Majid was also convicted of unlawfully disclosing personal information while Husman admitted a series of conspiracies to commit misconduct in public office by accessing secure police systems for the benefit of drug dealers.

It was heard that Husman accessed police computer systems to feed information to a number of criminal associates while Majid committed a Data Protection offence on behalf of a criminal associate.

Husman had already pleaded guilty but Majid, who won a police award for his role in controlling fans during a JLS Christmas Lights switch-on concert that left several fans with crush injuries, was convicted following a two-week trial, reported the Birmingham Mail.

Five other men were convicted in the police investigation of offences including possession of drugs, conspiracy to supply drugs and conspiring with Husman to benefit from his access to sensitive police information.

The pair were snared by the force's own counter corruption unit after their arrest in February 2017 when more than £7,000 ($ 8,976) in cash in Husman's home and drugs in his shed.

A surveillance operation captured the officers chatting about drug dealing whilst on duty and conspiring with criminal associates to steal the consignment of illegal drugs.

Deputy Chief Constable Louisa Rolfe said: "These officers brazenly abused their positions and carried out their offending while on duty. They let down their colleagues, friends and families but, fundamentally, the communities served by West Midlands Police."

All defendants will be sentenced at a later date.