A couple from Oklahoma couple faces 130 years behind bars after being found guilty of "the worst case of child abuse" nurses and police said they had ever seen.

Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, were convicted on five counts of child neglect. According to local reports, a Tulsa County jury recommended the pair serve 30 years on the first four counts and 10 years on the fifth.

Fowler and Miller were arrested in December 2016 after medical staff at an urgent care centre reported two cases of child abuse. The couple's twin infant daughters were brought in to the urgent care centre with a number of ailments.

The girls were described as being extremely skinny, with bed sores and severe diaper rash, Tulsa World reported. Arrest and booking reports revealed that a maggot was found in one of the girls' gentials, while the other child had an infected wound on her finger from a piece of hair being wrapped around it and never being removed.

Nurses found feces in one of the infant's ear, according to Tulsa World. The girls, who were 9 months old at the time, each weighed approximately 8-pounds when they were taken to hospital.

Miller reportedly told police she knew the twin girls were in poor condition, but claimed she and Fowler were "new parents" and did not have experience taking care of babies.

The girl's maternal grandparents, John and Cathey Miller, will be tried in Rogers County in April for enabling child abuse and child neglect, KJRH reported. Their paternal grandmother, Rita Fowler, faces trial in Tulsa County for child neglect.

The couple are set to be sentenced by Judge William Musseman on 13 November.