A couple who had been dating for the last six years has been left devastated after finding out that they are actually brother and sister.

The siblings were adopted at birth and had no idea that they were related in any way when they started dating years ago. The incident hit the headlines after the woman put out a post on the Reddit forum "offmychest."

Posting as u/LetsSinWith, the woman claimed: "I just found out that I've been dating my biological brother for 6 years."

"I am 30 and my brother is 32. I'm just going to call him my boyfriend for the majority of the time while I type this. I feel weird about this. I was adopted as a baby but I didn't know that I was adopted until I was in high school," she added.

She said that they decided to take a DNA test to find out their ancestry. And the test results were not what they had expected.

"I was SHOCKED to say the least. I only just found out this information and I haven't told my boyfriend. I'm really hoping they made a mistake but things are kind of starting to make sense to me now," she said.

The woman further added: "It is freaking me out and I don't know what I should do. I still love my boyfriend/brother and we have been together for 6 years. We have a house together and a whole comfortable life. I'm hoping that this test is wrong and will do a real test soon but I'm panicking. I still see him as the love of my life."

The Reddit post has since gone viral on various social media platforms, including @twohottakes and TikTok.

Social media users have expressed sympathies for the couple with some suggesting that they should not have children together as that may create health issues for the child.

One user had a very different view and said: "6 years already, y'all did everything a couple could. Throw the test away, don't tell anyone, and live as if you didn't know. If you want children later you can have a surrogate."

The couple, however, is contemplating their next move and has plans to take another DNA test so they are 100 percent sure of their connection.

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