Soldiers pass a memorial to victims of the Nice terror attack Getty Images

A French couple have been accused of falsely claiming to have been victims of the July 2016 Nice terror attack. The couple have already been sentenced to jail for pretending to be victims of the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris.

Sasa Damjanovic, 36, and his partner Vera Vasic, 29, from Cannes allegedly pretended to be victims of the Nice attack to gain compensation.

Eighty six people were killed in the attack when an Isis extremist drove a truck into crowds watching a Bastille Day fireworks display.

The couple will face trial on 19 April.

It comes after the couple was awarded €60,000 (£52,000) in compensation after falsely claiming to have been injured by one of the bombs that exploded outside the Stade de France in the 13 November 2015 attacks.

The couple were jailed in December 2016 when it emerged they had lied and were in fact at home in the Cote d'Azure at the time of the attacks. It emerged that they had spent the compensation fee on vehicles, which they sold on.

Damjanovic was given six years and Vasic three years suspended. They were made to pay back €30,000 each to the fund for attack victims.

If convicted of the second offence, the pair face 14 years each behind bars.