Criminal Minds season 11
Criminal Minds season 11 will premiere on 30 September 2015 CBS

Criminal Minds season 11 premieres on 30 September on CBS, where FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team will interview candidates to fill Kate Callahan's spot.

A TVline report revealed the premiere synopsis which reads as follows:

The 11th season begins with the BAU interviewing different candidates to join their ranks in the wake of Kate's departure, including a forensic psychologist, Dr. Tara Lewis, who is eager to assist their efforts. Also, the BAU hunts for a serial killer who leaves behind distinctive evidence that points to someone intent on revenge. Aisha Tyler joins the cast in a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis.

Season 10 ended with Kate handing over her resignation. Executive producer Erica Messer has confirmed that Jennifer Love Hewitt will not reprise her role as FBI undercover agent Kate Callahan, since she is expecting a child in real life and has gone on maternity leave.

Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid) revealed that there's another team member planning to take some time off from catching the bad guys and he will be the one directing the exit episode.

"I am [directing]. There's a special episode," he told Zap2it. "I almost don't want to give it away, but I might as well. It's the departure of one of the regular team members."

"Reid is back at it, catching scumbags and hanging with the team that he loves and helping solve crimes," he said about Criminal Minds' upcoming season. "We've got some new cast additions. Aisha Tyler is on the show. It's been great so far. We're definitely off to a good start. We're running fast."

Gubler hopes that Reid's poor personable social skills will change this season.

"That's the great thing about playing a character for so long is that there's always new territory. Trying to take him a little bit more — I've always wanted him to show growth," Gubler explained. "I want to see him slowly become less socially awkward and more confident."