"The Crown" Season 3 arrived on Netflix on Sunday and fans have already started binge-watching the series. To say that they are hooked is an understatement, since some even went as far as fact-checking events portrayed in the show.

The series returned with Olivia Colman playing the older Queen Elizabeth II, who has taken up an interest in knowing the modern age. The show featured several new interests including space travel, public scandal, and diminishing monarchist popularity.

Despite the liberties taken to tell the story of the British royals in "The Crown" Season 3, fans still complimented the series. Twitter's response has been most encouraging. Some viewers revealed that they are hooked to the show and are convinced that it is the greatest show ever. The compliments do not fall short of "awesome" and "best."

Meanwhile, there were also those who admitted that they had to check the show for historical accuracies while they watched it. Luckily, there is a lot of information available online thanks to people's fascination with royalty.

"For every new historical fact I learn while watching The Crown, I do a quick Google search," one viewer wrote.

One of the storylines criticised in "The Crown" Season 3 involves Queen Elizabeth's alleged love affair. She supposedly cheated on Prince Philip with her longtime friend, Lord Porchester. The Queen's former press secretary called it "distasteful" and scandalous. He also slammed the series for sensationalising stories to attract viewers, a statement that contradicts what these fans have fact-checked so far with Google.

"Watching #TheCrown...keep pausing every so often to google facts. So far the series is on point with facts," one viewer said.

Likewise, the historical accuracy in portrayal and events do not just focus on Queen Elizabeth II, but to her daughter, Princess Anne too. "The Crown" Season 3 features a feisty 20-something princess who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Princess Anne (Erin Doherty) in "The Crown" Season 3 is very much like the real Anne. Vanity Fair shared what Anne biographer Brian Hoey remembered in March 1974, when gunman Ian Ball ambushed the Princess and her husband Mark Philips. After he injured her security guard and others, Ball ordered Anne to exit the vehicle to which she replied, "Not bloody likely." Prince Philip once joked about the incident and said that he would have felt bad for Ball had he succeeded in kidnapping Anne because he did not know what he was getting into.

Olivia Colman
Olivia Colman will take on the role of Queen Elizabeth II on Netfilx's "The Crown" Season 3. Mark Davis/Getty Images