Claire Foy is reprising her role as Queen Elizabeth II for a flashback scene in "The Crown" Season 4.

With the fourth season in production, photos of the cast are bound to surface. One such photo is that of the actress wearing a white dress while speaking in front of a BBC microphone.

According to reports, Foy is back on the show to recreate the Queen's 21st birthday speech which she delivered during a Commonwealth tour of South Africa in 1947. The 35-year-old Emmy winning actress is seen wearing a dress and a pearl necklace similar to the one Queen Elizabeth II wore on her birthday.

OMG CLAIRE FOY IS BACK IN SEASON 4 #TheCrown 😍😍😍 tho it's only a flashblack of Elizabeth on her 21st radio birthday speech STILL!!!

— â—‡ yeye â—‡ (@yeyequinn) November 27, 2019

It is unclear if Foy will appear in any more flashback scenes in "The Crown" Season 4, and how her appearance ties into the Queen's story arc in the season. Fans cannot be more thrilled to see her back on the show again even if it is just for a cameo appearance. All are in agreement that she did a great job playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the past two seasons, which resulted in her winning an Emmy for best actress.

Claire Foy in #TheCrown 👑 was simply amazing. Love her! @netflix

— Teresa Artieda (@materesagracia) November 26, 2019

So, we started watching #TheCrown season 3. I really miss #ClaireFoy

— Kabeer Sharma (@ka_beer) November 26, 2019

It has been over a year since fans saw Foy portray the British monarch. She played the role in Seasons 1 and 2, and now Olivia Colman has taken over the role for Seasons 3 and 4.

As for her experience in the past two seasons, Foy previously shared on "The Graham Norton Show" that she suspected fans will forget her version of the royal after Colman took over. She hoped though, that viewers will remember her.

"It's been a year and half ago since we finished [The Crown]. I do miss everybody but it goes on. I hear amazing things," Foy said. "Olivia is loving it I think and is having an amazing time. I genuinely think that when it starts people will say, 'Who was it that played it before?'"

"The Crown" Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix and fans have had time to compare Foy and Colman's acting. There are those who think Foy played Queen Elizabeth II better than Colman while others believe Colman also did good in her own version of the Queen.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith The Crown
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