"The Crown" has revealed the new faces of Princess Diana and Prince Charles as it prepares to show the "most glorious and most sour fairy tale of the 20th century" in its upcoming season. The hit Netflix original took to its Twitter account on Tuesday to share first-look images of actors Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki as the Prince and the Princess of Wales in its fifth season.

"Our new Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki)," the award-winning series captioned the pictures, which showed the heir apparent in a safari suit with a hand in his pocket and his ex-wife lying on a couch with a piece of paper in front of her. West and Debicki are taking over the roles of the British royals from Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin, both of whom won Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and SAG Awards for their portrayal of the troubled couple.

The historical drama, which depicts the years and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, covered Charles and Diana's dating life, marriage, and early years of parenthood in its fourth season. The fifth season will follow them in the years they decided to separate and eventually divorce, and will also cover the untimely death of the "People's Princess" in 1997.

In a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the series creator Peter Morgan reflected on the change in Prince Charles's storyline as his fictionalised character "went from being one of the family's most sympathetic members" to one of the most unlikable due to his alleged treatment of Diana and his extra-marital affair with his current wife Duchess Camilla.

"The show has a great deal of sympathy for the predicament Prince Charles found himself in as a schoolboy, as a university student, as an heir and as a husband. Not just for him [but] for Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles, too," Morgan said.

"Their imbroglio felt like a Rubik's Cube that simply wouldn't click in a way that would bring any of them happiness. It was none of their fault, and it was all of their fault. But that's so true of life," the showrunner explained.

Morgan dubbed Charles and Diana's story "the most glorious and most sour fairy tale of the 20th century," noting that "the disadvantage they had was that their private misfortunes played out in such a public way."

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor both won at the 2021 Golden Globes Award for their portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in Season 4 of "The Crown." The Crown/Netflix