Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a few details about her upcoming Cruel Intentions TV show. The actress will reprise her role as Kathryn Merteuil from the 1999 teenage movie, where she played the manipulative mastermind who uses and destroys people for her own amusement.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, in an interview with ET Online, opened up about reprising her scheming evil character for the TV reboot. She said, "It's 17 years later and we didn't tell the story until we had a great story to tell. I think we have something really unique and really different."

The 39-year-old actress added that the series will be "better, badder... can you say b**cher?"

NBC took up the Cruel Intentions TV show back in February, which will pick up years after the event of the movie, and will centre on a grown up Kathryn. Gellar's character is described as a "smart, sexy, cruel, charismatic, powerful" master manipulator.

According to the Network, "The woman behind the scandal involving Bash's mother, Annette, Kathryn is now married to the wealthy Pascal Barrett and spearheads an inspiring youth rehabilitation movement, as well as being involved in a local private school. She is privately shaken by the arrival of Sebastian's son, Bash, and the reappearance in her life of the girl she wronged years ago, Annette."

Here are the plot details shared by the Network for the reboot: