Empire season 2 returns with an all-new episode this Wednesday, where Lucious and Jamal Lyon's competition for American Sound Award (ASA) in the song of the year category will create tension between the two. Episode 15 titled More Than Kin will air on 27 April at 9pm EST on Fox.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the previous episode, Andre sabotaged Hakeem chances at the shareholders meeting, thereby giving Lucious another chance at the CEO position. Also, Anika told the Lyon family that she was pregnant with Hakeem's baby. However, a shocking revelation came at the very end, when we see an old lady at a home singing a song that Lucious's mother used to sing, hinting that the rap singer's mother is still alive.

A promo for the upcoming episode shows Lucious, Cookie and Jamal holding a press conference as the promotional banner reads: "Empire welcomes American Sound Award". Lucious mocks Jamal and says to the media: "I am not saying that he [Jamal] is any less deserving of an ASA because me and his momma picked all his songs for his albums." Jamal obviously seems annoyed at his father's statement.

Hakeem also comes clean about Anika to his fiancee Laura Calleros. He says: "I got Anika pregnant." Following this, Laura slaps him and leaves. Elsewhere, Andre and his wife Rhonda are planning and plotting, as she says: "With Jamal and Hakeem out of the running, that leaves you solidly in place for his number 2."

In the trailer, Cookie seems to be annoyed at Lucious for checking out another girl, even as Hakeem says: "Are you saying momma is falling for Lucious? Hell no. I am not getting King Kong and Godzilla back together." The promo ends with Anika being taken away in an ambulance as Cookie asks: "What happened? Is she okay? You need to stop telling me what to do, its my son's baby!" The promo also ends on a chilling note, which says: "Before the season ends, a Lyon will fall."

Is Cookie falling for Lucious? What happened to Anika? Which Lyon will fall in the season 2 finale? To know more, keep watching Empire season 2 every Wednesday on Fox.