Photographer Alexandre Meneghini has been documenting daily life on the island of Cuba over the past year. His photos capture residents of Havana driving vintage cars along the seafront boulevard and sitting out on the doorsteps of their crumbling colonial-era homes watching children play baseball and football on the streets.

Meneghini says: "Cubans are very sociable and curious about foreigners. Maybe this is the reason I've always been welcomed into their homes to shoot, while they watch their much-loved soap operas, with the front door usually open for fresh air. I am out shooting on the street every day and some times at night as well, and I never felt threatened. I believe Havana is the safest capital city in Latin America. It makes me think, that's how my country, Brazil, might have been at the time of my grandparents, from the stories they used to tell me."

After 54 years of frosty relations between the US States and Cuba, the neighbouring countries formally restored relations by opening their respective embassies. Although tourism is still not allowed, it surely can't be long before the embargo is lifted. The resulting influx of American tourists may change the pace of life in Cuba forever.