International bartenders descended on Havana's iconic El Floridita bar on 23 July in a bid to be crowned the world's best daiquiri maker.

Bar Floridita is one of Cuba's most historic landmarks, made famous by American writer Ernest Hemingway and his penchant for the bar's famous drink, the daiquiri.

This year's competition took on particular significance, with international bartenders from Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico participating for the first time.

Miami resident John Christian Lermayer is the first American bartender to participate in the Daiquiri King competition since the restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US.

"All I can do is go back to America and tell other American bartenders how warm and receptive the Cuban bartenders are to us. You know, I like to stay out of politics, but I really like what President Obama is doing, and I think the doors are going to open for more and more Americans. I can tell you that the first group of Americans that are going to come here are bartenders," he said.

El Floridita's association with Hemingway, not to mention its fame as the birthplace of the daiquiri, are expected to see a new throng of American tourists grace its historic doors.

"Floridita is the flagship home of North American tourism because our history is inextricably linked to Hemingway's daiquiri. Its [the bar's] origin's have a lot to do with North Americans and I think it is an important time to strengthen which is important to tourism," said Floridita manager Ariel Blanco.

The international competitors were no match for the home talent and Cuban Pedro Ivan Rodriguez was crowned Daiquiri King, with the humble winner thankful for the international presence at the competition.

"For us this is the first time this is happening. That's to say that is the edge that we have, to have bartenders from other countries, especially America. For us this will be a door to learning," said Rodriguez.

The international competition also coincides 198th anniversary of Bar Floridita, which is situated in the historic centre of Havana. The celebrations include masterclasses from the establishment's own bartenders.