Hotel Dusk Chase Cold Case Investigations 3DS
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (left) and Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories on 3DS Arc System Works

A spiritual successor to Nintendo DS cult point-and-click adventure Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was released in Japan earlier this year, and it has now been announced that the game has been localised for release in the West.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories (got to love those wordy Japanese game titles) will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America this autumn. A release in European territories hasn't been specifically confirmed, but IBTimes UK has contacted Nintendo to find out and was waiting for a reply at the time of publication.

The announcement was made by localisation group Aksys Games during a panel (via Destructoid) at this year's Anime Expo, held over the weekend (1-3 July) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations was developed by Hotel Dusk and Another Code director Taisuke Kanasaki and his team at Arc System Works. The game tells the story of two detectives – Shonosuke Nanase and Koto Amekura – who open a five-year-old case regarding a fatal explosion ruled at the time as an accident.

It is stylistically similar to Hotel Dusk, which was released in 2007 and utilised the Nintendo DS's touchscreens – which aided the popularity of point-and-click and adventure games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Professor Layton.

Hotel Dusk is something of a cult classic, one its players are quick to praise whenever its name crops up.

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