A skier and cyclist who filmed a video of himself biking down a mountain path in pursuit of a marmot has been criticised by animal rights activists.

Mickael Bimboes, a French speaker, is seen cycling along a path chasing after the small mammal, which runs away as fast as it can.

He jokes about the welfare of the animal, who eventually gets away safely in the video, and called himself ""someone who respects the environment and [campaigns] for it".

Since sharing the clip to Facebook on 28 June, Bimboes has come under fire for his treatment of the fleeing rodent.

"There's nothing to be proud of, Mr. Bimbo, if we love nature, we just respect it... You're the guest, it's up to you to behave properly," one social media user wrote.

Another said: "Poor groundhog really not cool!!"

One person added: "And what about stopping to let it be, it didn't came to mind? Cyclists don't respect humans let alone animals! It's forbidden to chase down protected species in natural parks, (especially with a machine).

"What about if we reversed the roles? How would he feel if he was the one chased down on his little bike by a tank."

The marmot is seen fleeing the cyclist Storyful/Mickaël Bimboes Winteractivity/Facebook