A hot air balloon carrying 16 passengers crash-landed into a pond containing alligators near Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The incident took place at 8am on 3 July and was captured on camera by one person on board.

In the video, the pilot can be heard warning people of an imminent ditching, saying: "Sorry folks, we're gonna get a little bit wet."

Despite the panic on board as the gondola sank, nobody was hurt. One child was treated at hospital and later released.

The pilot told the Florida Highway Patrol that there was an issue with wind as he was landing in a designated landing area near the small lake.

Sebastian Westerby, a passenger, told WFTV: "There was adrenaline – it was pumping. But it was scary. Now we're making fun of it, but it was serious. It was lucky that no one got hurt."

The balloon, owned by Orlando Balloon Rides, was removed from the pond after an hour. Hot air balloon accidents are relatively rare. In 2016, sixteen people were killed when their hot air balloon hit power lines, crashed and caught fire in Texas, in the deadliest ballooning disaster in the US.