A father has admitted strangling his daughter to death in a caravan park in Kent before attempting to murder his ex-partner nearby.

Richard Kray killed his 19-year-old daughter, Olivia Kray, at the Westlands Caravan Park near Herne Bay, Kent, on 21 July 21 last year.

Kray pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and the attempted murder of his ex- wife Damyantee Cowan, who is said to be in her 60s on Thursday (11 January).

The 63-year-old strangled Olivia, described by a friend as a "beautiful young lady", then attempted to strangle Cowan to death at her home in Gordon Road, Herne Bay, on the same day.

Olivia was pronounced dead at the scene and Richard Kray was arrested and detained in the Trevor Gibbens psychiatric unit at Maidstone Hospital, Kent.

Maidstone Crown Court was told at an earlier hearing that Kray was not fit to be interviewed following his arrest, due to his mental state.

Kray, of no fixed address, was originally charged with murder but prosecutors accepted his plea to a lesser charge and will be sentenced on 2 February, after the results of further psychiatric reports.

Judge Philip Statman said according to the Mirror Online: "It is very important the public understands the background to this case. On any view, it is a very difficult case."

A former friend at Hampton Primary School, Jade Blackmer, spoke said at the time of Olivia's death saying she was "caring, quiet and polite".

Blackmer said: "She was very reserved and conscious of others. She didn't smile often but when she did it lit up the room. It's such a tragedy this has happened to such a young and beautiful lady."

One option for the court would be to hand Kray a 'hybrid' hospital order which would allow him to be held at a secure psychiatric unit until deemed fit to be transferred to ordinary prison.