A teenage father from Coatesville, Pennsylvania has been charged with the murder of his five-month-old daughter after he allegedly shook her repeatedly and threw her around. According to reports, Zion Shockley became angry and vented his frustration on the infant after he got called a loser while playing Call of Duty on his Playstation 4.

District Attorney Tom Hogan previously revealed that Rosalie was rushed to a hospital on 10 February when emergency service personnel thought she had suffered a cardiac arrest. Doctors later confirmed that she had suffered bleeding from the eyes and the brain following trauma to the head. She succumbed to her injuries two days after being admitted.

According to CBS Philly, the 18-year-old father reportedly told officials that he used to shake Rosalie on multiple occasions and demonstrated the same to them using a doll. He claimed that he got angry after another online gamer called him a "failure" while he was playing CoD following which he shook his daughter for a minute before throwing her into the air twice. He did not catch her but let her fall onto the mattress.

The police report claims he then went downstairs to get a glass of water and returned to notice that she was not breathing.

"When the defendant was being mocked by players and his reaction was to severely injure and ultimately murder his own child, that is someone who should not be in charge of a child to begin with," Hogan said.

"An infant cannot defend herself. A baby cannot run away or call for help. A baby is the most innocent and vulnerable victim possible."

Shockley shared custody of Rosalie with her mother but was the primary caregiver. His grandfather has refused to believe that the teen would be capable of causing his own child any harm.

"She was just a baby. He loved that daughter, he loved her to death," Frank Easton told reporters. "He wouldn't let anybody touch her. He loved her, he's not guilty. It was an accident."