Chantelle Curry survived a horrible incident of domestic violence perpetrated by a man she met online. The woman met Jason Driver on a popular dating website. The man who has multiple previous convictions attacked his partner on February 8 in her home in Grangetown.

For several hours, the man beat and berated the woman. When he stopped the attack, the scared and injured woman left the home with her children to seek help. The man was arrested and has already been released having served his short sentence. Curry claims her mental health has suffered since the traumatic incident.

The victim connected with Driver on the dating website in October 2019. The couple had been talking for months until they finally met in January 2020. The 38-year-old woman missed a red flag when her 40-year-old online partner revealed that he had been using a fake name and fake pictures. The woman from Middlesbrough continued to communicate with the man from Cambridge.

However, the relationship took a downward turn when the man started complaining about Curry spending too much time with her friends. The couple was in the woman's room while her two children slept in the same home. Driver had been arguing with his partner when he suddenly got violent.

Curry claims that the man suddenly got up from the bed and attacked her. During the attack, the woman tried to escape but he chased her down. Using his belt, the attacker strangled his victim. He also reportedly pinned her down and twisted her neck. To keep her silent, the man pressed his fingers against her lips so hard that her teeth cut into them.

Curry told Teesside Live that he professed love to her after the attack. She had a cigarette with the man to placate him before leaving the home with her children. The woman went to a local shop and called the police. The attacker left the home around 6 am but he was eventually arrested and sentenced.

In May, Driver was sentenced to a year in prison at Teesside Crown Court. He was also handed a three-year restraining order preventing him from contacting his victim. During the trial, it was revealed that the man has 38 previous convictions.

Curry pointed out that in August, her attacker was released from prison due to the time he spent in remand. After surviving the ordeal, the domestic violence survivor urges people to stay away from online dating. She also urged women to take advantage of Clare's Law and speak to the police about their potential partners.

domestic violence victim
A woman was attacked by her online date in her own home. (representational image) Getty Images