Daniel Craig James Bond
Ben Stansall/Getty

Daniel Craig has responded to the speculation regarding whether or not he will appear in upcoming Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, and Skyfall fans that were looking forward to seeing him pop up in Episode VII will certainly be disappointed with the recent confirmation.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the James Bond actor didn't just vehemently deny the claims that he might pop up as a stormtrooper at some point during the movie, but insisted that the rumours only started because fellow British actor Simon Pegg was "jealous".

"Why would I ever bother doing something like that?" the 47-year-old joked. "F***ing hell! Pffft. Play an extra in another movie?

"Talk to Simon Pegg. He obviously knows way more than I do. He's just jealous because he's not in Star Wars. He's got some issue with JJ [Abrams] – I don't know what the f*** it is. You need to talk to Simon about it."

Speculation began in May when The Sun asked Pegg, who has starred in Mission Impossible 3 and two Star Trek movies under Abrams direction, about whether or not he was going to feature in the long-awaited seventh instalment. A question to which he responded: "I wasn't a stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a stormtrooper. I shouldn't have said that."

A quick comment that was fuelled by the fact that Craig's latest Bond venture was being filmed at around the same time as Star Wars at Pinewood Studios earlier this year.

Many assumed that Pegg would have some kind of role in The Force Awakens due to both his loyal working relationship with Abrams and his very public love of all things science fiction, and despite stating that he won't be a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens, it turns out he will have a small cameo after all.

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Pegg confirmed that he will make an appearance as a mysterious alien, when exclusive behind-the-scenes footage revealed him partially in costume.

Craig, however, will be next be seen in Spectre, his fourth movie reprising his role as iconic Agent OO7. Sam Mendes, who directed Craig in Skyfall is returning to helm the picture as Craig will be acting alongside the likes of Dave Bautista, Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz.

Spectre will be released in UK cinemas on 6 November, and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens opens 18 December.