The suspended sentence handed to former BBC broadcaster Dave Lee Travis will not be referred to the Court of Appeal following complaints it was "too lenient".

Travis, 69, walked free from court in September after he was given a three-month suspended sentence after being found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman who worked on The Mrs Merton Show in 1995.

Travis, charged under his real name of David Griffin, was cleared of a further count of indecent assault, with the jury not reaching a decision on one other count of sexual assault following a trial at Southwark Crown Court.

His sentence was sent for review to the Attorney General's office following complaints it was too soft.

However, the three-month suspended sentence will not be referred to the Court of Appeal after the Attorney General ruled it was "neither wrong in principle nor unduly lenient".

A spokesperson added: "The attorney general, Jeremy Wright QC MP, has decided not to refer the suspended prison sentence given to David Griffin to the court of appeal as he does not believe they would find it to be unduly lenient and increase it.

"The judge marked the seriousness of the offence by imposing a three-month sentence of imprisonment, the maximum under the guidelines being six months.

Upon sentencing, Judge Anthony Leonard told Travis he had committed an "intentional and unpleasant" sexual assault.

He added: "You took advantage of a young woman in a vulnerable position whose job it was to look after you that day."

The former Top of the Pops presenter was cleared of a further 12 counts of indecent assault at an earlier trial.