A former BBC trainee has described how she was "terrified" after she was assaulted by Dave Lee Travis during a live Radio 4 broadcast, a court has heard.

The woman, who was 26 at the time of the alleged incident, told a jury how the former Radio 1 DJ grabbed both her breasts and "moved them up and down" while she was introducing the Woman's Hour live on air.

The woman added there was "no way" she would have reported the Radio 1 star as it would have left a black mark against her.

Travis, 68, faces 13 counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault relating to 11 women, including a 15-year-old girl, between 1976 and 2008.

The former BBC star, charged under his real name David Patrick Griffin, denies all charges.

At Southwark Crown Court, one alleged victim claimed that the defendant came up behind her while she was in the studio and assaulted her while the show was going out on air.

She told the court: "His hands came round under my arm pits and he put one hand on each breast," she said. "He started to move my breasts up and down."

She said she felt a "sort of panic" at the time of the incident and that she was "frightened [she] was going to mess up the announcement".

When asked how she would have reacted if she hadn't been on air, the woman says she would "not have been very ladylike".

"I'm sure I would have screamed at him to get off me, probably with a few choice words," she added.

Despite telling the court the assaults had left her "shocked, terrified and sick", she said she could not tell management as Travis was "a big star" and she was in the trial job period.

She said: "If I had gone to the management I imagine it would have been: 'So what? You're a big girl, deal with it.' I think I would have had a black mark against my name on my file – 'this woman can't take a joke she has no sense of humour'."

A second victim claimed that Travis assaulted her on her first day at work.

She told the court that after she had been introduced, Travis "put both arms around me like a bear hug, which did not feel right".

"He let go of one hand, and with the other started to rub the side of my body. He was touching my breast.

"He was holding my body. She said it felt like how a father should hold a daughter, not somebody he had just met. I was frozen."

Travis denies all charges against him.

The trial is expected to last up to six weeks.