Outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron was heard humming a little tune to himself as he passed over the running of Great Britain to Theresa May. In another fast-moving day in British politics Cameron appeared outside Number 10 Downing Street to deliver a short speech on the handover to May in 48 hours.

Earlier in the day, fellow Tory candidate Andrea Leadsom announced she was pulling out of the race to become the new Tory leader, effectively clearing the way to No. 10 for the member for Maidenhead.

Cameron told reporters that he would cease to be leader of the Conservative Party after chairing his final cabinet meeting on Tuesday and PMQ's on Wednesday. He said that May will have his "full support" before he began his walk back to the doors of his residence for one of the last times.

But in a 'hot mic' moment he was heard humming a little ditty to himself as the microphone left on his lapel was still switched on after his statement. As he enters the door of No 10 he states, plainly, "Right." Before a rustling noise is heard as the microphone is disentangled from his suit jacket. "Good," Cameron he added lastly.

Many who heard the tune speculated on Twitter that Cameron was actually singing The West Wing theme tune which particularly apt on 11 July as seeing as the last episode sees President Santos inaugurated as protagonist President Bartlet leaves office.

Leadsom, the only other candidate in the Conservative leadership bid after Michael Gove, Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox stood down, was heavily criticised following an interview with the Sunday Times emerged on 10 July. In the interview she appeared to suggest she would make a better prime minster than May because she has children.

On the same day the Labour leadership contest was officially triggered awhen former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle launched a challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. After the sacking of Hilary Benn a string of Labour MPs resigned leaving a split between the thousands that backed Corbyn just 11 months ago and many MP's within the Parliamentary Labour Party who believe that Corbyn is unelectable.