David Cameron held his first all-Tory cabinet since the Conservative's surprise victory in the general election, with the prime minister claiming that they are "the real party of working people".

In video footage filmed by ITN of the inaugural cabinet session of the Conservative majority government, the newly appointed ministers can be heard loudly banging the table with approval as the prime minister walks in, before delivering a short speech.

"I want everyone around this table to remember who we're for," Cameron said.

"Every decision we take, every policy we pursue, every programme we initiate, never forget: we're here to give everyone in our country the chance to make the most of their life.

"I call it being the real party for working people: giving everyone in our country the chance to get on, with the dignity of a job, the pride of a pay-cheque, a home of their own and the security and peace of mind that comes from being able to support a family.

"And just as important for those that can't work, the support they need at every stage of their lives," he added.

Cameron will set out his new government's priorities during his first Queen's speech on 27 May.