Silvio Berlusconi and David Cameron
David Cameron joked to wife Samantha he would not share jacuzzi with Italian prime minister Getty

David Cameron joked with wife Samantha that he would not accompany former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and prostitutes in a jacuzzi on trip to Rome.

The prime minister made the quip in front of graffiti artist Ben Eine, whose painting Twenty First Century City was presented to US President Barack Obama in 2010 on Cameron's trip to Washington.

Eine recalled the comment, which came during a meeting with the Camerons, at a London's Southbank Centre, reported the Guardian.

"Samantha, I've got to go off to Italy – dinner with Berlusconi. Don't worry, I'll get so-and-so to pull me out of the jacuzzi before the whores turn up," Cameron is supposed to have said before he left the room.

Cameron's state dinner with Berlusconi came amid revelations of parties at the home of the septuagenarian and was in the wake of the infamous "Bunga Bunga" sex scandal that came to engulf his premiership.

Eine added of Cameron's off-the-cuff remark: "And I was like, that's great, prime ministers aren't meant to say that in front of bods like me, just in case I do this and repeat the story in front of a video camera."