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Couple of young doctors watching picture of ultrasound of pregnant woman. Choja/iStock

NHS has partnered up with tech giants like Google, IBM and Phillips to launch remote monitoring systems across the UK, which will enable healthcare workers to monitor patients' progress and provide improved support when necessary. The collaboration between the public healthcare organisation and leading tech firms, will involve launching remote monitoring schemes via smart devices.

The initiative aims to encourage patients to better monitor their own health from home and also connects them to healthcare professionals for further support.

Chief executive of NHS Simon Stevens announced the launch of the first wave of NHS Innovation 'Test Beds' at the World Economic Forum in Davos on 22 January. Seven regions of the country have been selected to test the scheme. It will involve patients being provided with state of the art wearable devices, which will record and analyse their conditions.

This would enable patients to keep a track of their long term conditions from home, making repetitive visits to clinics or hospitals unnecessary. The NHS plans to include provide diabetic patients and people with mental health issues with monitoring technology and apps that will help them manage their conditions and connect with specialist healthcare workers who can provide further support at times of crisis.

Elderly patients, who have been diagnosed with dementia or similar neurodegenerative disorders, will also be provided with wearable devices and remote monitoring technology. Everyday appliances such as fridges, kettles and curtains will also be equipped with sensors to ensure that patients' are mobile and eating at regular intervals.

Stevens said, "Our new NHS Test Beds programme aims to cut through the hype and test the practical benefits for patients when we bring together some of these most promising technologies in receptive environments inside the world's largest public, integrated health service."

The pilots will be launched in London, Surrey, Sussex, Lancashire, Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester. The service will be launched to other parts of the nation soon.