When "Days of Our Lives" returns next week, we will see Sami Brady take control of things. Meanwhile, Victor Kiriakis makes a comeback and he is certainly going to make his presence felt. Here are a few spoilers for the episodes airing in the week of August 17 to 21.

[Spoiler alert! This post contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes of "Days of Our Lives." Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

On Monday, things are going to get heated at the townhouse. Sami Brady tries to dominate the situation by presenting Eric and Nicole for a restraining order over the baby. According to Soaps.com, she will be taking charge of the baby after learning about Allie's escape. Meanwhile, Marlena and Kate will find themselves in disagreement over matters related to the baby.

Meanwhile, Victor, who has been missing in action for a while, returns and it will not be good news for Bonnie. The pair will find themselves clashing over their past. Fans can expect to see some romance as Sarah and Xander come together. Later, Xander has good news to share but the excitement fades away sooner when he learns about Philip's return.

Victor is in for a shock as Philip makes his way back to Salem. And Nicole and Eric are not giving up so easily. They decide to confront Sami over her charges and things are expected to get explosive. As a huge custody war brews up in Salem town, Sami struggles to hide the truth from the family.

Things are not looking bright for John, who will be dealing with a health crisis. As he is rushed to the hospital, Marlena receives grim news about John's medical condition. Elsewhere, Sonny receives an exciting opportunity that he may not be able to resist. However, the development in Will and Sonny's life may leave Gabi displeased.

Relationship drama ensues when Gwen tries to even score with Jake. She will get closer to Chad to annoy Jake as he develops an interest in Gabi. Meanwhile, Hope will find herself in trouble when she finds Rafe to her rescue.

The week closes with Eve marking the anniversary of her daughter's death. Some more drama to watch out for includes Ben and Marlena's conversation and Kayla and Jennifer's advice to Hope about Rafe.

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