There will be no dull moment on "Days of Our lives" episodes airing next week. Sami is in power as always and Nicole has a sinister plan on her mind. Here are a few spoilers for the episodes airing from Aug. 24 to 28.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives." Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

Before action stirs up at Sami's end who will do anything to win the custody battle of her grandson, things are about to get a little scary. According to, Ben's dark side begins to emerge, and his first victim is Ciara. He takes her to a terrifying place which leaves her frightened and it is believed that it could be the place where he killed Paige.

When the show returns for its second episode of the week, things are about to get electric. Nicole creates tension between Belle and Sami. She is obviously upset with Sami over the baby, so it is no surprise that she has decided to create some trouble for her opponent. However, Sami is expected to make a game-changing move at the court hearing, and it will leave everyone shocked. So, the drama is about to unfold in the most surprising manner.

Meanwhile, Rafe will be thrown in for a shock when he comes across an intruder in his home. Who is creating menace for Rafe, remains to be seen? Fans will have to wait until Wednesday, Aug. 26 to find out the identity of the trespasser.

In the final two episodes of the week, things are about to get very exciting for Gabi and Jake fans. The moment is here when Gabi and Jake finally embrace their feelings for each other. The two will share a tender moment expressing themselves.

Elsewhere, things will get ballistic before the week comes to a close. Ben and Eve are about have a fiery confrontation.

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