"Days of Our Lives" episodes airing next week bring lots of action as sinister plans unfold. Orpheus, Wilhelm Rolf along with Clyde Weston return to Salem City after a prison break. Here are spoilers for the episodes airing from Oct. 19 to Oct. 23. Read on to find out what is about to shake up the city.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives."]

The week on "Days of Our Lives" opens with drama surrounding the three prisoners. According to Soap Dirt, Orpheus and Clyde join forces to plan out their escape. They will use the massive power outage in the city to implement their escape. Meanwhile, they will be joined by Dr. Rolf.

As soon as the news about their escape spreads, Salem city residents are frightened. Orpheus goes after Marlena and finds help from John Black. With Orpheus' return, expect to see his son Christian Maddox too. Elsewhere, Rolf decides to visit Chad at his mansion. His motives remain unspecified.

More spoilers suggest new evidence in Ciara's death emerges. Ben suspects Vincent's account of what happened to Ciara. It appears Clyde will finally come face to face with Ben when he goes after Vincent for revenge.

Meanwhile, Soap.com reveals that Marlena is missing and this will have some of them worried. Is it Orpheus' doing or is she in hiding from the impending danger. Meanwhile, with Marlena gone, John is growing concerned and it may impact his health. Belle keeps a check on John but it may not be helping. Also, Brady will finally learn the truth about Philip who has been conspiring against Xander. Claire and Charlie will find themselves coming close to each other despite difficult circumstances.

As the week comes to a close, there is another shocker in store. Belle finds Jan in her house and she is extremely scared of the presence of the surprise visitor.

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