"Days of Our Lives" spielers for the week of Monday, Sept. 14 promise an eventful week for the Salem City residents. Fans are assured that drama is certainly not slowing down as the week opens. So, here are a few spoilers for episodes airing next week. Read on to find out the details.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" episodes airing from Sept. 14 to 18. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

Before we delve into the future events of "Days of Our Lives," fans must note that this is going to be a short week. According to Soaps.com, the show will air for only the first three days of the week and remain pre-empted on Sept. 17 and 18.

Meanwhile, when the show opens fans will find out the fate of John Black. At the hospital, he finally wakes up. His family is certainly going to be happy to see him back, but things won't be quite the same. The treatment will result in some complications that will make things difficult for his family.

Elsewhere, Julie has an important task this week and it is to deliver heartbreaking news to Doug. It is believed that the news will shed light on Ciara's situation.

Moving on to the Tuesday episode, Kristen will be arrested because of someone else's doing. This will leave Brady devastated. Nevertheless, we can expect him to spring into action and do everything to get Kristen out.

In addition, expect Jan and Claire spend some time together this week. During their conversation, Jan tries to get friendly with Claire hoping she would open up to her and unravel relevant details. Meanwhile, Hope continues to struggle with her daughter's situation. She will be suspicious about the truth surrounding her daughter's fate. In addition, Lani will find himself feeling betrayed by Eli and has an ultimate showdown with him.

The week will come to an end with an episode whereby Xander makes an unexpected discovery that will give him the key to help Philip. Later, Eric will have a pivotal opportunity knocking on his door. Belle will be devastated to find Claire and Jan together. And changed John will unleash his wrath on Sami Brady.

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"Days of Our Lives" airs Monday through Friday at 2:00 pm ET on NBC.