Flood warnings have been issued in the south eastern United States in the wake of Hurricane Matthew – with officials cautioning that more people could be killed as rivers swell over their banks following torrential rains which have battered the coastal states.

In the US at least 19 people have been killed by the Atlantic storm with 1,000 killed in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Winds of 145mph hit Haiti causing devastation in the south-west of the country. However, the hurricane slowed as it buffeted the eastern coast of the US.

On Sunday (9 October) Matthew was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, but in North Carolina, Governor Pat McCory has said the hurricane still poses a deadly threat. "Hurricane Matthew is off the map, but it is still with us and it is still deadly," he said.

Five people have been reported missing in North Carolina, the most northerly US state hit by the hurricane. Eight people were known to have died there so far.

With rivers expected to swell to record levels the National Weather Service said "life-threatening flooding," will continue on Monday 10 October over eastern portions of the state.

A total of 255 water rescue calls have been made over the course of the disaster and 701 people rescued in North Carolina.

Across Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia power has mostly been restored after 1.6 million people were hit by blackouts in the wake of the storm. Rescue workers and volunteers have continued tp clear streets of downed trees, abandoned vehicles and other debris in the wake of the storm.

In Florida, the authorities are preparing to reopen schools. Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that the National Guard would help. However, many affected remained closed on Monday (10 October), he added.

In a statement released on Sunday (9 October), Scott said it was crucial that students get back to school as quickly as possible, particularly those who receive their only real meals there.

The governor said the state's full resources have been offered to school districts for clean-up, repairs and issues with damaged buses.

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