Police in Fayetteville, North Carolina urged motorists to stay off the roads on Saturday as they shared a video of a search and rescue operation in the city, devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Fayetteville, which is built on the banks of the Cape Fear River, has been subject to major flooding in the wake of the Hurricane which has left 14 people dead in the US.

More than 900 died when the storm struck the Caribbean country of Haiti.

A video shared by the city's police force shows footage of officers navigating the submerged roads in a lorry.

Cars that are almost fully submerged can be seen on Robeson Street, a main road in the city which runs parallel to two waterways, branching off the Cape Fear.

The police repeat the plea to motorists: "We encourage everybody please stay home and stay safe."

Driving past almost submerged street signs, the police officers encounter a man who is standing on the roof of his truck awaiting rescue. The officers are heard saying they cannot reach him in the vehicle and will have to return with a boat.

Moments later the officers spot a woman standing in the door of her almost fully submerged car, holding a young child, who says she is "worried about the baby", as the officers back up towards her and pull them both into the vehicle.

Though both were saved, at least four people in Fayetteville were missing on Sunday, according to local news reports and 502 people had been rescued from flood waters.

The situation in Fayetteville mirrors that in other cities across the Carolinas, with a record tide of over 12ft of measured at the mouth of the Savannah River. Though the Hurricane was on Saturday downgraded to a tropical storm, it has left total devastation in its wake. Nearly 1.6m homes and businesses in the south-east of the US were without power and almost a million had been evacuated on Saturday.

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