"Death Stranding" is finally here and gaming journalists have been giving it mixed reviews. Nevertheless, it appears that most of the feedback has generally been more positive than what others expected. Players are reportedly finding the game quite enjoyable as it is offering a new perspective with its unique online multiplayer feature. However, similar to past offerings from the brilliant mind of Hideo Kojima, there are some gameplay mechanics that is directly hinted at from the start. Please note that some of the items might be considered spoilers.

Coupled with some interesting nuances, gamers might want to play longer than usual to uncover a lot of these secrets. Most of the tips detailed in this report can help out players who do not want to miss out on notable achievements within the game.

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A guide recently published by Kotaku reminds players to take their time and never rush the progress. Kojima apparently designed this game to let people forge a connection with the story, the characters, music and the in-game post-apocalyptic world.

Earlier it was pointed out that the best way to enjoy "Death Stranding" is to progress with a slower pace than what other games usually require. Most players who have already completed the game seem to agree on one thing. To fully enjoy the gameplay, it is recommended to quickly reach Chapter 3, which unlocks more tools and equipment to give gamers the means to explore further.

The first two segments might seem sluggish due to the lack of items, which is why moving forward to the third phase can enhance the experience. For those worried about missing some missions should know that they can still go back and complete those from this point on.

Aside from the packages, Sam is required to deliver on a mission, players can carry other items that can help with traversal. Since the goal is to transport as many boxes as possible on a single trip, users should try to bring only the essential equipment. Moreover, since Timefall can randomly happen, repair sprays are essential for long journeys.

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Balance is critical to prevent Sam from falling over and damaging cargo. Thus, holding down the L2 and R2 buttons on the DualShock 4 at all times will keep everything steady. For those who want detailed insights into the game's lore, always check the database terminal. Overall, playing "Death Stranding" at your own pace will offer the best experience. Given that Kojima regularly designs games filled with Easter eggs, there could be more just waiting to be discovered.

Norman Reedus in Kojima's Death Stranding
Norman Reedus stars in Hideo Kojima's utterly bizarre trailer for Death Stranding Kojima Productions