The US government has declassified a list of reading materials found at the Pakistani compound where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed by US Special Forces in 2011, including a strategy guide for PC shooter Delta Force: Xtreme 2.

The walkthrough, as well as a "Game Spot Video Game Guide" are listed on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's website under a category suggesting the books were used by other residents of the compound and not the former al Qaeda leader who hid there for five years.

Delta Force: Xtreme 2 is a first person military shooter developed by NovaLogic which was released digitally on PC in 2009. The budget title was met with generally poor reviews, with GameSpot calling it an "'xtremely' [sic] forgettable first-person shooter that doesn't excel at anything."

You can see the game in action below...

Included under the same category of documents are Grappler's Guide to Sports Nutrition by John Berardi and Michael Fry, and Is It the Heart You Are Asking?, a suicide prevention guide by Dr Islam Sobhi al-Mazeny.

Numerous articles from Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, and Washington Quarterly, and 39 English language books were discovered by Seal Team Six as well, and are believed to have been read by Bin Laden himself.

Conspiracy texts about 9/11 and the Illuminati were also found as digital files kept by Bin Laden.