A man was shocked to find human remains inside a stand-alone freezer in his mother's home in New York. After the woman passed, her apartment was cleared and the discovery was made. The body was reportedly so decomposed that its gender could not be determined without a post mortem examination. Police are awaiting the results of the examination to confirm the identity of the body.

The deceased woman had been living alone in a fifth-floor flat in Broadway at W. 150th St. in Hamilton Heights. She passed away recently and her son went to the building to clear out her belongings at around 9 am (local time) last Thursday.

During the cleaning process, at around 1 pm, the unnamed man opened a stand-alone freezer which was shut using duct-tape. The man reportedly started screaming after he opened the freezer. He was shocked by the horribly decomposed human corpse stuffed inside.

Speaking to New York Daily News the building superintendent, Asmir Basim, recalled the horrendous incident. Basim confirmed that it was the deceased woman's son who made the discovery. He stated that the corpse might have belonged to a woman but it was too decomposed to tell for sure. Basim also claimed that the body may have been in the freezer for 10 to 15 years.

Police were notified and officers reached the apartment at around 1:30 pm. The police confirmed that the freezer was sealed shut before being opened that day. They also could not tell the gender and identity of the corpse due to the state of decomposition. The police are investigating if the body is that of the deceased woman's mother. However, to confirm the theory, the body had to be been sent for further tests. The medical examiner will also examine the body to determine the cause of death.

Speaking about the tenant, Basim claimed that the woman was a pleasant lady, but she never allowed anyone to work in her apartment. After the discovery of the corpse, it became evident why the woman did not want anyone to enter her apartment.

Cats in freezer
Decomposed body found in dead woman's freezer. (representational image) ABC7