Jon Snow Game of Thrones

Feast your eyes on this. The likenesses of musicians such as Drake, Kanye West and Tupac Shakur have been recreated as sushi art and it is utterly delectable. Even Games Of Thrones actor Kit Harington has received the Japanese seafood makeover.

Italian-Chinese chef Yujia Hu was once an aspiring art school student but dropped out to work at his family's restaurant in Milan, Italy. It seems Hu made the right decision to quit as he has clearly found his calling as a food artist, regularly wowing his 19,800 Instagram followers with incredible sushi versions of his favourite rappers, actors and sports stars.

Among Hu's most notable works, is a makeshift Drake comprised of rice using seaweed for his hair and beard.

Kanye West is perched on a salmon version of his popular Yeezy trainers, while fellow rapper Action Bronson is made completely of the fish.

In fact, it is particularly fitting that Action Bronson is one of Hu's designs as the lyricist is renowned for rapping about his love of food. His song catalogue includes references to Steamed Broccoli, Fish, Three Course Meals and the mixtape Bon Appetit... Bitch.

Coinciding with the return of Game Of Thrones, Hu has even made up a miniature version of Kit Harington's beloved character Jon Snow using rice and mostly seaweed to depict his uniform as the former leader of the Night's Watch.

Other sushi figures include rap group Migos, presented as an appetising platter, late rap icon Tupac and Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

Sharing the inspiration for his work, Hu told Vice of his unique passion: "At first I wanted to experiment with something different for the promotion of my restaurant, but then I started being passionate about what I was doing, so I kept going on with my creations. With my artistic background, I tried to create something new. And this is the result."

Now, would you like Drake as a starter or mains?