George Clooney is a die-hard Democrat and the whole world knows it. The actor even went to the extent of publicly promoting Barack Obama during his presidential campaigns. So when asked for his opinion about the 2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump, Clooney voiced reservations.

"This is an election cycle and we tend to go through some craziness," he told the Telegraph. "The idea that this xenophobic, fascist theory that we are going to ban Muslims from our country or we are going to kick 12 million Mexicans back down to the border and build a wall they are going to pay for — none of that is ever going to happen."

"This country isn't going to do that," the Hail, Caesar! actor explained.

"All this chatter is going to be going around for another two or three months but eventually all the insanity will stop and we will start to talk about issues that really matter. I feel very confident that, in the end, the issues will matter," he said.

Moving onto the subject of diversity in Hollywood, the Ocean's Eleven star confessed to having hired only white actors for some of his films. "Chris Rock (Oscar host) said he didn't recognise anybody who greenlights films that (none of them) looks like him, and that is where we are at and I think that is the most important part.

"I brought this up and someone said, 'Well, you haven't directed films with African-Americans in the lead' and that's true, but four out of the five films I've directed have been historical films and you can't really change the race of those people."