Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed Morsi became the fifth President of Egypt in June 2012 Getty

The son of Egypt's former president Mohammed Morsi has been arrested, a government official has said. Osama Morsi was taken away by police at his house in the Nile Delta region on 8 December.

He is accused of inciting violence, the state-run website Al-Ahram said, according to news agency AP. Further details on the arrest and the charges were not immediately available.

Mohammed Morsi, leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organisation, became Egypt's first democratically elected president in 2012.

However, he was ousted in 2013 and replaced by a military government led by current President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Morsi is currently serving time in prison for several cases. It is believed he has not been able to receive visits from his family or lawyers for the past three years.

In November, an Egyptian court overturned his life sentence and ordered a retrial of the case that sees him accused of espionage along with Palestinian group Hamas.

The ruling came a week after a death sentence against him was also overturned, with the court also ordering a retrial.

Morsi was sentenced to death in June 2015 for his alleged role in a prison break during the 2011 revolution, which saw President Hosni Mubarak deposed.