In London's Covent Garden, fashion label House of Holland has set up a pop-up boutique showcasing their high summer collection -- from an ice cream van.

Posing next to the colourful vehicle on a hot sunny day, Henry Holland, the designer behind the label, said it was a fun way to sell clothes.

"I wanted to have my own store, I wanted to do something that was fun and inventive and something that's a little bit fresh for a high summer collection. And so I bought an ice cream van, covered it in spots and stripes and created a collection around it. It's kind of our way of having a shop but putting it on wheels so we can test out different areas for the best place where we can have a shop," he said.

Covent Garden was the first spot where the eye-catching van would do business with the public, selling exclusive re-workings of their classic polka dots and brightly coloured stripes.

"The cons are that there's an engine to take into consideration and a freezer, which I've just recently found out," he said.

"But the pros is that setting up an ice cream van is such a less, lesser cost than setting up a store in bricks and mortar, you know, and I'm able to have this physical presence on the high street from this really, you know, eye-catching way with much less a budget," he added.

"It's really hot, it's really lightweight pieces. We've done a few exclusive colour-wears of our existing eyewear and things, but mainly it's all brand new exclusive pieces," he explained.

Holland is known for displaying his clothes at London Fashion Week, so this is a very different method of exhibiting his collections.

"You know what? Last night, when we were getting ready, it felt like a runway show because of the amount of work that's gone into it. But it's just different. I like to challenge myself and try different things so it's just kind of, really just another fun thing for us to do," said the designer.

The House of Holland ice cream van is due to travel up and down the UK during the month of August.

Presented by Adam Justice