Police in the US city of Detroit are searching for a man who they believe forced a teenager with a developmental disability to steal from a local gas station. Video released show the man seemingly directing the scared-looking boy before leaving the store.

ClickOnDetriot reported that video showed the boy taking boxes of confectionary before throwing himself against a glass door when it would not open for him. Once outside, he got into a Jeep with the man police are searching for.

Police say the boy is around 13 to 15 while the man seems much older, possibly in his 50s or 60s, and the incident is the second involving the two during May.

Mohammed Rustam, the own of the service station store, reported the situation to police and is now offering $500 (£385) for information.

Rustam told ClickOnDetriot that the older man was "forcing [the boy] to committee these crime, and he should be ashamed of himself." Adding later that he was not worried about the confectionery that was stolen from him but "I'm worried about this kid".

Reports said that video had been made available to police detectives and they were investigating the incident, including releasing videos and images to the public in hopes that someone may come forward with further information.